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Fridays for Future fighting fires and supporting traditional communities in the Pantanal



The Pantanal biome, the largest flooded plain in the world, faced the worst drought in 47 years in 2020. More than 26% of the biome was consumed by flames, millions of animals died, victims of unpreparedness and climate change. Therefore, the Fridays For Future movement together with SOS Pantanal created the Ajuda Pantanal campaign.

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Fire prevention will be done through the structuring and training of rural fire brigades in strategic points in the Pantanal. The brigades will be trained, equipped (with security and combat equipment) and integrated with public combat bodies such as Ibama/Prevfogo and the Fire Department. The effort to restore the Pantanal is mainly in the areas of springs, springs and riverbanks (riparian forests), and SOS Pantanal estimates the planting of 150,000 native tree seedlings in Indigenous Lands and riverside communities. The emergency fund, on the other hand, has the objective of supporting any problems that may occur as a result of the fires, whether with traditional, indigenous and riverside populations or with the local flora and fauna.



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Campaign strategy and transparency

We value trust. For this reason, we provide a transparency portal with each amount invested in each of the project areas. Your donation is important and that is why we want you to know how and where your donated amount will be invested. Our intervention strategy is to distribute resources as follows:



- 40% fire prevention.


- 35% reforestation and recovery of local flora and fauna.

- 25% creation of an emergency fund.

Fire prevention will take place through the provision and distribution of water tanks, in addition to the creation and training of fire brigades at strategic points in the Pantanal. The effort to restore the Pantanal is mainly in the areas of springs, springs and on the banks of rivers (riparian forests).

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the Instituto

SOS Pantanal

Fridays For Future is not a formal organization. For this reason, we chose a trustworthy institution that helps and is a reference in the preservation of the biome:

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ODSs Help Pantanal

Our idea is to prepare and invest in fire brigades, help fauna and flora and create an emergency fund to help traditional communities. Therefore, we chose an institution to receive the money and send it to different places. The benefited sections were chosen according to criteria such as number of cases, distance, impact of actions and replicability. During the routing of resources, we will inform you of everything that is being purchased and to which locations, to keep everything transparent. It is important to note that everything purchased will be determined by Fridays For Future in conjunction with the partner institution.

Ajuda Pantanal is a campaign aimed at the sustainability of the largest floodplain in the world, we fulfill certain Sustainable Development Goals, such as:

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Photos: Gustavo Figueiroa

You may donate as much as you feel you can, and any amount you choose to contribute with will help - even the smallest of actions can have a huge positive impact.

And remember: no one is too small to make a difference.

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This campaign uses Welight's solutions to raise funds. Together, we go beyond technology to accelerate the transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and balance the relationships between people and the planet.

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